The Notorious Corvette Emblem

It all started in 1953 when Chevrolet decided to provide performance and style in a two-seat vehicle. While the Corvette’s journey had its up and downs, it is safe to say the hits have outnumbered the misses. The Corvette is here to stay. Its design, styling, engine power, and safety features can only become more impressive with each passing year. There is a lot to say about why people love driving Corvettes. Do women have a different agenda than men, or vice versa? Probably not. Some believe that people who drive Corvettes like being in control, and there is nothing negative to say about that. The Corvette is also an American icon. When you see someone behind the wheel, you have to smile. When you see owners with yesteryear models, you generally think to yourself that something positive is going on in their life. As such, there is a lot of ownership pride for those who own Corvettes. Starting with the 2017 Corvette, C7 generation, there are a lot of pros as to what people experience when driving. It has power and is easy to handle. Comfort does not seem to take a back seat to its performance capabilities. For a sports car, its generous cargo space is pleasantly surprising. It also has an excellent interior that competes with any car in its class. Moving back in time through 1953, Corvette styling and class has always stood out from the competition. Each year builds upon the last.

Notable Corvette Features

The Corvette offers a number of safety features that make driving a ton of fun. There is also an accompanying feeling of assurance and safety. Disc brakes are standard. Stability control senses when the vehicle has surpassed safe driving limits. Its engine applies power to the brakes to help ensure the driver does not lose control. Front, side, and seatbelt pretensioners serve to protect passenger from a collision injury. The vehicle’s security system disables the engine from starting if any key other than the manufacturer’s key attempts to start the engine.

The Corvette Emblem

An emblem is a design, or figure that represents or identifies something. Usually, people can immediately recognize it. It is something that stands out in the crowd—so to speak. Corvette has such a recognizable emblem. There have been many since its inception in 1953. In 1953, Chevrolet decided to use a checkered flag and an American flag. Unfortunately, the U.S. had passed the National Flag Code that stipulated the flag could not be used for advertising. It might be safe to say that someone did not do their homework. That emblem still exists, but only in a museum.

1. 1956-1957. Chevrolet added a Chevron to the emblem’s design.

2. 1958-1961 the emblem received a typographic update.

3. 1962. Chevrolet moved the letters outside of the circle onto the hood of the vehicle.

4. 1963- Chevrolet kind of sneaks the American flag back into the design, but does it in a way as not to violate any laws.

5. 1965 – The company dropped the circle and the only thing showing are two flags crossing each other.

6. From 1967-1972 the previous two flags remain the same and receive an angle adjustment.

7. In 1973 the sunburst design used the words “Chevrolet Motor Division Corvette.” The two flags retain their same angle from the previous design.

8. From 1975-1976 the company drops the letters again, and only the red sunburst and flags remain within the circle. This was a cool emblem and may have been due to the 70s influence on culture.

Today’s Corvette emblem is sleek and stylish. Throw in a lot of imagination and the right graphic arts talent, and new logos and emblems are born. Logos are a critical aspect of an auto company’s business marketing mix. It anchors the brand in the minds of consumers and is one of the most visible elements the company can manifest on the market. In the design of a vehicle, designers ask questions like who will drive the vehicle, and where do they want it to transport them. The same applies to a logo. There is a complete creative thought process that goes into each year’s design. Any changes and the company tests them on the market to see how people react. GM Parts Guys is located in Claysburg, Pennsylvania. We can ship any Corvette part or accessory that a customer needs. We know the market and we have the talented team that can assist. Regardless of the Corvette year that you drive, we can ship its emblem. We also think you will like the pricing. Contact us today to learn more. Whether your Corvette is on the road, in a car show, or in a parade, we know how important it is to you that it displays its original beauty and splendor. We also know the pride owners feel when traveling through Pennsylvania in their Corvette.

Things of Interest in Claysburg

While Claysburg is a small town, there are a few things of interest if passing through. Peggy’s Diner is a good stop if you are hungry. There are also a number of general stores, gas stations, and fast food stops. Then, you are likely on your way to the next adventure. Surrounding local towns include Sprout, Cotton Town, Ore Hill, and Bakers Summit. Travel an additional 82 miles and you will arrive in Pittsburgh. Like the small shops and family owned business in the local area, we are friendly and professional. We exist to help people all over the states, and the world, find the auto part and accessories they need to keep their car looking fresh and running clean. The Corvette is an American icon, and we are proud to be able to supply the emblems that made it so famous throughout the years. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions about Corvette parts, accessories, or the vehicle’s emblem. We think you will appreciate the customer service.